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Hardware Package

Hardware Package

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Upgrade your TRTs computer with one new 64GB Hard Drive and one Windows 10 Pro license, both a requirement for the POMcash 2.0 update.

About the 64GB Hard Drive

  • SSD hard disk gets good performance at fast read and write speed, and its continuous read and write speed is greatly improved. With such an excellent solid state disk, file transfer and software startup will be faster.
  • The multifunctional internal SSD supports bad block managements, TRIM command, garbage collection technology, S.M.A.R.T monitor system and ECC technology (error checking and correction), which greatly enhancing the stability of data read-write and transmission.
  • Quantity: 1

About the Windows 10 Pro License

Microsoft Windows 10 Pro a comprehensive operating system optimized for professional projects and applications.

  • License Quantity: 1
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