Pennsylvania Skill (PA Skill) Ticket Redemption Terminals (TRTs) are built by Miele Manufacturing. Pictured is the TRT 6000/8000, M 3000, M 5200, and M 5400 models.

TRT Tech Support

570-244-3123, Ext. 1

Miele Manufacturing's TRT Tech Support Team has provided downloadable PDF documents for your Pennsylvania Skill games.

The TRT is a safe, accurate way to handle any location's redemption needs. Players are confident their tickets will be paid immediately. The TRT provides privacy that players appreciate, so they seek out locations operating TRTs. TRTs are a game changer, with a 50% to 100% increase in revenue for locations operating TRTs.

For questions or help, call Miele Manufacturing's TRT Tech Team at (570) 244-3123, Ext. 1.

Downloadable TRT Documents