Miele Manufacturing provides quality contract manufacturing for world leaders such as Pace-O-Matic and TouchTunes. Its 68,000 square foot headquarters in Muncy, PA is a state of the art manufacturing and operations facility.

● Manufacturing games for markets from coast-to-coast.


Miele Group companies are leaders both inside and outside of the amusement industry. We take pride in our corporate culture as a third generation, family-owned business that focuses on fast, dependable service. Businesses that are part of the Miele Group include Miele Manufacturing and Miele Amusements.

At the core of Miele Group Companies, we are committed to being a good corporate citizen and proudly support the communities our products are in. Through legal games of skill, such as Pennsylvania Skill, we can make donations to nonprofits throughout the states to help strengthen the commonwealth through our Charitable Giving programs.


Miele Amusements was established in 1935 and has grown to be a nationally known amusement operator and is the nation’s leading skill game operator. The Miele Group operates in three states and is a member of AMOA, PAMMA, and AMOV.

● Over 3,000 pieces of equipment operated

● Operating in three states: Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Kentucky

● Full service Amusement Operator

● Member of AMOA, PAMMA, and AMOV

Miele Manufacturing

Manufacturing games for markets from coast-to-coast.