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M 55 All-In-One Router & Wireless Internet Device

M 55 All-In-One Router & Wireless Internet Device

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DISCLAIMER: If you order an M Connect device, Miele Manufacturing will verify that you are enrolled in our M Connect program. If you have not yet enrolled in the M Connect program, our team will contact you within 1 to 2 business days asking you to complete the needed paperwork. If you are already an M Connect member, no further action is required, and we will process your order promptly.

About the M 55

  • Compatible with Pennsylvania Skill TRTs, amusement devices, and jukeboxes
  • 4 ethernet LAN ports
  • Dual and Single SIM options
  • Wireless internet device and router
  • No extra router required

About the M Connect program

Miele Manufacturing’s wireless plan connects you to your locations with the nation’s leading carriers, Verizon and AT&T, allowing you to pay only for the data used. With no contract required, you can suspend your data plan at any time.

  • Connect your locations with the nation’s leading carriers — Verizon and AT&T.
  • Manage and monitor your M Connect devices through your private portal.
  • Your payments will change month-to-month because you will only be paying for the data you use.
  • With no contract, you can deactivate and reactivate devices at your convenience with no hidden fees.

Monthly Data Plans

Estimated Usage for 30 Days

  • 5 terminals in location: 0.5 GBs
  • TRT in location: 2.0 GBs
  • Jukeboxes: 2.0 GBs
  • Estimated data usage is only a guideline. Additional GB pricing is available.


  • Hardware and connectivity plans are not compatible with any existing other hardware brands. These rates and prices only apply to the M 22 and M 55 device(s) offered with data rates through Miele Manufacturing.
  • Your monthly billing cycle will begin immediately after the device is powered on or after six (6) months of being inactive.
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