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JCM DBV-400 w/500 note stacker

JCM DBV-400 w/500 note stacker

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JCM Global’s DBV-400SU/SD-L001001-USA-44-004 has a robust design which increases processing speed with state-of-the-art sensor technology combine to make the DBV-400 the best choice for a wide range of automated payment applications.

  • Robust Design with Thick Plastic Frame
  • Cashbox Capacity Options
    • 300 Notes
    • 500 Notes
    • 1,000 Notes
  • Under 2 Seconds for Note-to-Note Acceptance
  • 6 Wavelengths of High-Precision Optical Sensors
  • Designed to Work at 5°F (-15°C) and up to +140°F (+60°C)
  • Sleep Mode Supported as Standard
  • Full Color Illuminated Insertion Slot
  • East Note Insertion
  • Optical and Mechanical Anti-Stringing and Anti-Fishing Sensors
  • Protects Against Fraud
  • Less Risk of Damage by Mishandling, Lower Cost of Ownership
  • Multiple Capacity Options, Fewer Cash Box Pick-Up Equal Reduced Operational Cost
  • Increases Operational Efficiency and Improves User Satisfaction
  • High Acceptance Rate and Best Counterfeit Protection
  • Suitable for a Wide Variety of Applications
  • Perfect for Solar, Battery, and Low-Power Operated Terminals
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