M 5400 TRT (Ticket Redemption Terminal) by Miele Manufacturing (Miele MFG) for Pennsylvania Skill (PA Skill)

M 5400 TRT

55.5" H x 18.25" W x 23.5" D: 352 lbs.

Sleep, sharp, and secure the M 5400 TRT is Miele Manufacturing’s latest and greatest TRT to hit the market with its vivid, full-color 17” monitor. The M 5400 can be added to your route seamlessly as it has interchangeable parts with the TRT 6000, TRT 8000, and M 5200 TRT.


  • Steel construction with UL-291 Security Rating
  • 2,000 Note Capacity Cassettes
  • Four Cassette Cash Dispensing Unit
  • Digital Vault Lock
  • Vault Puck Lock Hasp: Provided but Not Installed
  • All-In-One 17” Full-Color Screen and Computer
  • Pyramid Printer
  • New Honeywell High-Pixel Density Scanner
  • Programmable UPS Battery Backup with Proper Computer Shutdown
  • Closed Loop Ticket Validation for High Security
  • Interchangeable Parts: Works with the TRT 6000, TRT 8000, and M 5200 TRT
  • 12-Month Warranty
  • CashKeeper Management System: Provided with Purchase and Includes Age Verification System


  • Side Wrap Available: Not Included, Available for $120.00
  • M Connect Wireless Devices: Optional
  • M 55: $139.00 — 4 Ethernet Ports and Router
  • M 22: $109.00 — 2 Ethernet ports


  • Game of Skill and Legal in the State of Pennsylvania
  • Defend Your Location in Court of Law
  • Technology Provides 100% Accounting Accuracy
  • Reliable and Patented Fill System