eCash TRT (Ticket Redemption Terminal) 8000 by Miele Manufacturing (Miele MFG) for Pennsylvania Skill (PA Skill)

TRT 8000

The TRT is a safe, accurate way to handle any location's redemption needs. Players are confident their tickets will be paid immediately. The TRT provides privacy that players appreciate, and this is why they seek out locations operating TRTs. With a 50% to 100% increase in revenue for locations operating TRTs, this is a game changer.


  • Steel Construction with a UL-291 Security Rating
  • Electronic Lock Vault Access
  • TRT 8000: Four 2,000-Note Cassettes
  • Full-Color Touchscreen Display
  • Pyramid Self-Cutting Printer
  • 3-D Barcode Scanner
  • Age Verification System
  • 12-Month Warranty
  • Router Provided for Hooking Up Multiple Machines
  • OptConnect Wireless Cellular Modem (Two Year Agreement, First Year Provided: $29.99​)
  • Cash Keeper Management System (First Year Provided with Purchase, Renewal Required​)


  • Game of Skill and Legal in State of Pennsylvania
  • Defend Your Location in Court of Law
  • Technology Provides 100% Accounting Accuracy
  • Reliable and Patented Fill System