Operators for Skill

Operators for Skill

Operators for Skill is a Political Action Committee (PAC) that aims to regulate the skill game industry to provide tax revenue for the state of Pennsylvania, its counties, and local governments.

Legislation can end illegal gambling and in doing so create a safe and regulated market for small businesses to generate revenue and support the community they serve.

"Pennsylvania Skill games rejuvenated a vending business that was pretty stagnant & possibly even dying at that point. It created more jobs & more income, not only for my vending company but also for the clientele that I serve, from clubs to bars to restaurants," said James Jasek, Operator of City Coin Vending.

Our Mission

Pennsylvania Skill's PAC Fund supports the legislative effort to regulate and tax legal skill games in Pennsylvania. The committee is designed to keep the legal skill game market open and running in the state.

Operators for Skill keeps legislative efforts funded. Money contributed supports lobbying efforts and legislative costs throughout the process of passing legislation to tax and regulate skill games in Pennsylvania.

"We had no idea just how much the games would change our business. For the first time, we were able to provide health benefits to our employees & provide free lunches for them, all through skill game revenue. This has allowed us to keep a great staff," said Doug Sprankle, Owner of Sprankle's Neighborhood Market.

Skill Games Support Pennsylvanias

  • Made in PA

    • Pennsylvania Skill has created over 140 family-sustaining jobs at Miele Manufacturing, located in Muncy.

    •  The majority of components used to build the games — wood, metal, screws, paint, cardboard, electronic components — all come from and support PA businesses.

  • Small Business

    • Pennsylvania Skill creates supplemental income for small businesses to thrive whether they be an Operator or a Location.

    • Skill games increase profitability, foot traffic, and customer engagement.

  • Charitable Giving

    • Since 2018, Pennsylvania Skill Charitable Giving foundation has donated over $3,000,000 to nonprofits.

    • Pennsylvania Skill Charitable Giving is committed to supporting causes that improve communities and quality of life for the commonwealth residents.

Grassroots Effort

Pace-O-Matic is committed to funding lawyers, lobbyists, and full-time employees to work on the legislative and grassroots efforts that coincide with this effort.

Along with this, Pace-O-Matic has funded advertisements and marketing opportunities for skill games in the state. They have helped establish a working relationship with people like LaVar Arrington to speak on behalf of the skill game industry.

"With the extra revenue I generate from the games, I have the financial confidence to provide my employees with 100 percent paid dental & vision. I also recently started a 401K retirement plan for them with a company match," said Bill Kokos, Owner of Sierra Madre Saloon.


Powered by Pace-O-Matic and built by Miele Manufacturing, Pennsylvania Skill Games support small businesses, provide jobs, and generate tax revenue for the Commonwealth.

Pennsylvania Skill can be found all across the state in bars, restaurants, and Veterans' clubs.

How to Donate

To donate to Operators for Skill PAC Fund, write a personal check to: Operators for Skill, P.O. Box 343, Harrisburg, PA 17108.

Downloadable and Printable Brochure


Operators for Skill PAC Fund only accepts personal checks. Checks to Pennsylvania Skill's PAC Fund Operator's for Skill is not tax deductible.

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