How Pennsylvania Skill Games Are Transforming Small Businesses And Communities

How Pennsylvania Skill Games Are Transforming Small Businesses And Communities

In an era where small businesses face mounting challenges, [...] skill games emerge as a beacon of hope and opportunity. These games, which blend entertainment with the chance to win up to 105% of plays, are not just about fun — they are about survival, growth, and community revitalization. 

Dave Lauster, owner of Lansdale Amusement Company, has witnessed firsthand the transformative power of skill games.

"Pennsylvania skill games have really kind of helped a lot of our locations financially," he shares. "It's been good for them to have that money to fix things up, to create more jobs. They've been hiring people."

Lauster highlights a poignant example—a local ALS club that was on the brink of closure.

"They were on the verge of going out of business, closing their doors," he recalls.

The revenue generated from skill games not only kept their doors open but revitalized their mission. The club now offers free weekly exercise programs for seniors, using the funds to give back to the community in ways they never thought possible.

Beyond individual establishments, skill games have proven to be a lifeline for community hubs such as fire companies and fraternal organizations. These entities often struggle to secure funding for essential operations and community services.

"We've had fire companies that said they've used it for equipment and stuff like that, and it's helped them out a lot," Lauster notes.

The infusion of funds has enabled these organizations to continue serving their communities, upgrading their facilities, and ensuring they can respond effectively to emergencies.

The impact extends to legions and fraternal clubs, many of which were facing decline.

"It's been a big part to a lot of the legions that we have," Lauster explains. "They've really put money back into the club, fixed it up. A lot of them were just starting to get rundown."

The newfound financial stability allows these clubs to not only maintain their operations but also attract younger members, ensuring their legacy and community involvement for future generations.

The ripple effect of skill games on local economies cannot be overstated. By providing a steady stream of revenue, these games enable small businesses to reinvest in their operations, from renovations to new hires. This, in turn, stimulates job creation and economic growth within the community. As businesses thrive, they contribute to the local economy, supporting other businesses and services in the area.

For employees, the benefits are equally significant. The job security and potential for new employment opportunities fostered by the success of skill games contribute to a more stable and prosperous community. Employees feel more secure in their roles, knowing that their employers have a reliable source of additional revenue.

The stories gathered through the "More Than A Game" campaign illustrate a common theme: the power of skill games to foster community engagement and support. Whether it's a fraternal club offering new programs for seniors or a fire company upgrading its equipment, the benefits extend far beyond the individual players. These games create a sense of excitement and community spirit, drawing people together and reinforcing the social fabric of their neighborhoods.

This blog was originally posted on June 6, 2024, by Pace-O-Matic.

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